Beliveau Designs

/be li Vō/ /dəˈzīnz/

An online portfolio showcasing the work of Katharina Beliveau

In this archive you will find Process Work, Sketches, Renderings, Collages and Board Layouts along with written accounts of the Design Process or Inspiration.


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Latest Projects

How can Interior Design improve the educational environment of  Foster Care Youths?Read more →


When senior citizens go to the doctor, they are never told to just sit quietly at home and be calm. They are told to go out, get fresh air and be active! Why are our interiors saying the opposite? Read more →


The Amazon Center was a training facility created to help reforestation volunteers prepare for their trip to the Amazon. Read more →


Creating an extended stay hotel that feels more like a home than traditional hotels. Read more →


A light study model comes to life in a rendering showing that day-lighting can easily be incorporated in any home. Read more →


This design office was created to encourage vertical collaboration and help a community adapt historic spaces for modern commercial use. Read more →


A wine-inspired aesthetic brings the romance of centuries past to this modern jewelry store and its clients. Read more →