Katharina Beliveau is a German-American graduate of Louisiana State University’s School of Interior Design. Since graduation in December 2017 she has been working as an Intern Interior Designer at Coleman Partners Architects LLC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Katharina grew up making a major move every five years or so.

Georgia > Germany > New Hampshire > Louisiana

While some might not enjoy uprooting their lives regularly, she loved it. It meant she could discover a new place – a new culture – every few years. She became fascinated with different roles that design plays in different regions. For instance, Germany was extremely focused on both historical preservation and modernization, which created a dynamic juxtaposition of these two styles in big cities. New Hampshire, however, was more concerned with the functionality of structures and their ability to fight the harsh winter cold and shake off the snow, that is, except for the areas of town that were home to the many mansions of those who only ‘summered’ on the lakes.

Through the years, Katharina found herself continually focused on how to make things more comfortable, cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable, and most importantly –how to make things visually striking. Thanks to her many bizarre and random summer jobs (paving roads, refurbishing boats, selling antiques, etc.) as well as her military experience Katharina has a wealth of life experiences that she draws from and apply to her designs.


Katharina spent the past year researching and designing her senior project.

The focus was creating a better learning environment for high school students in foster care.

Download the book at the following link:

“Reside Academy: Alternative Learning for Foster Care Youth” PDF Download