The Amazon Center

This assignment was about creating a training center for volunteers to be sent to help with reforestation in the Amazon. Part of the project included the design of an apartment for the director as well as classroom spaces where training could take place. To help with wayfinding, the three main classrooms each received a large … Continue reading The Amazon Center

Lighting Design (Spring 2016)

In the Lighting Design class we focused largely on day-lighting strategies. The built model features several day-lighting strategies based on the building's orientation. A rendering was then made of the interior of the kitchen in this space to show how natural day-lighting strategies can fit into design.

D2 (Fall 2015)

The assignment was to create an office space where community collaboration could take place to address a problem in a local area. The concept was to create a design office with mixed skill levels to foster vertical collaboration. This design office would help local businesses and entrepreneurs redesign existing places to be more functional for … Continue reading D2 (Fall 2015)

Entwine Jewelry Store (Spring 2015)

The assignment was to design a jewelry store within a given retail space. The concept was inspired by the wine industry, which, along with jewelry craft, is one of the oldest industries on earth. Entwine gets its name from the verb meaning "wind or twist together." Like a grape's vines entwine, so do the lives of two lovers who may visit this jewelry store.